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MEDI EC Inc. are trauma and medical emergency practitioners situated at MEDICLINIC Midstream. Our primary function is concerned with caring for any medical and trauma emergencies and unscheduled visits. We have close relationships with local emergency services like ER24, NETCARE 911 and EMERGMED giving you peace of mind in the event of a trauma.

Why Choose Us?

  • Highly trained & experienced medical professionals.
  • Available 24/7.
  • Caring and trustworthy medical team.
  • Efficient with administration.
  • Modern facilities.
  • Dynamic and progressive team of medical practitioners who keep abreast of industry related knowledge thus affording you the best care.

Our Services Consists Of:

  • Unscheduled medical consultations.
  • Unscheduled medical and trauma emergencies.
  • Injury on duty(WCA) consultations.
  • Wound care clinic.
  • Cast care clinic.
  • Counselling and preventative care.
  • Health screening.

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Our Facility Offers You

We offer a fully equipped emergency unit consisting of the following:
  • Triage Room,
  • General Treatment Area,
  • Procedure Room,
  • Pediatric Room,
  • Resuscitation Room,
  • Consulting Rooms
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    About Us

    Medi EC Inc, headed by Dr Daniel van der Merwe, is a trauma and emergency medical centre based at Mediclinic Midtsream. We offer a full turnkey trauma centre available 24/7 to take care of any trauma, emergency and medical needs.